The corona virus and the impact of business

It’s the topic of the day: The corona virus. it impacts the majority of the world, personally but also economically.

Schools are closing, children are kept at home and entire regions are being isolated.
First we would like to say we sympathize with everyone involved, and wish for everyone infected to get better soon.


How is Key4ce handling it?

Luckily our company was already fully equipped and secured where we can all work from our home offices.

While we miss the human to human interaction and our office, we have decided to let everyone work from home at this stage.

While this solves most of our problems we are ofcourse also impacted by people who have children at home due to day-care, schools, etc. closed or simply cause they have mild cold symptoms and are requested in self isolation.

While this limits our capacity in some ways it does have no impact in any of our services, and we have ample people ready to help all our customers out.


Can we still help other businesses?

In short: yes.

We have enough resources and people available to handle our every day tasks, and additional resources available to help new customers who are stuck in a difficult situation due to lack of staff, people infected, children staying at home.

Key4ce can help those companies out with staffing shortages, IT Support, help desk and most importantly expert knowledge for most software.


Need a quick set of extra hands / specialist?
Need a temporary staff member / helpdesk tech?
<a href="" target="_self">m.tiggelaar</a>


– Founder of Key4ce & FuseCP.
– More then 13 years of experience with Windows high availability and Microsoft Exchange.
– More then 13 years of experience with Linux and Unix.
– Open source enthusiast and a large contributor for multiple large Open Source projects.

My current main focus of attention is Geo-Clustering.


Coming soon...

Sorry, Hosting services are currently all sold out.


We expect to have more clustered servers available after Q2 of 2020, If you need any advice, or want to purchase your own equipment please contact us.