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Server Deployment

Let us Deploy your cloud

A good setup with insider knowledge saves you and your customers a lot of hassle

Deployment Planning

Planning the job correctly saves alot of time and hassle in the future. We can advise you from A to Z.

Clustered Setups

Advanced high availability, Load balanced and Failover setups is where we specialized in for over 8 years.

Optimized for Security

We keep up to date with the latest security threats and can implement the necessary fixes on your environment.

How we deploy your environment

Four quick steps for a new and secure server environment

Plan the Deployment

Any good environment starts with a good plan.

Deploy the Servers

Setup and deploy the planned servers and services.

Secure the Servers

Once everything is setup it's time to optimize for security.

Test & Release

We make a final test, once passed it's ready for production.

All platforms

We have experts for all available platforms at hand, so no matter what you want we can deliver.

High availability setups

We are specialized in LB HA setups, from Failover to Loadbalanced and everything in-between.

Geographical clusters

With 8+ year Geo-Cluster experience we can deliver the best possible setups

Expert knowledge

Our staff is highly certified, We deploy and support environments regularly keeping our knowledge current.

Thoroughly tested

We don't just quickly deploy your environment, we make sure it's 100% tested and working before completion.

Quality guaranteed

By the off chance anything is wrong with the deployment, we will fix & correct the issue for free.

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