Let us manage your servers

At Key4ce we can manage everything for you. From a single server to a large geo-cluster environment, we serve your specific requirements from A to Z. Let us manage all your servers and services for you.

User management

We secure and manage environments such as Active Directory. Making sure no one has unwanted access. 

Server security

Servers by default aren’t secured, usually far from it. We help to secure existing and new deployments to the best standards possible.

Storage systems

From a single NAS to geo-clustered storage with backup systems, we can manage it on your behalf.

Updates & bugs

We keep ourselves updated and fully aware of latest changes and bugs. We advise and act accordingly to keep your systems up to date.

Disaster preperation

No one likes to think about it, but being prepared for the worst case scenario prevents downtime.

Networking & security

We have network and security experts at hand to implement best security practices to keep your environment secure and running.

Keep your services up and running

From a simple webserver to hyperconverged virtualization clusters, we are available to deploy and manage a perfect environment for you with experience and best practices in mind.

Highly secured, tailored to your requirements, with a high uptime guarantee. Our managed server service helps you to focus on your work while we make sure all your servers and services continue running.

Updated, fully managed and secured is one of our key standards. Our aim is to run your environment as smooth as possible.


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We can manage everything from a single server to a large scale geo-clustered environment with Anycast.

Our experts are ready to tackle any situation and manage your environment on your behalf.

We can manage servers and services on our own equipment and datacenters or you can manage your hardware/ datacenters while we only manage the software side of things.


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Coming soon...

Sorry, Hosting services are currently all sold out.


We expect to have more clustered servers available after Q2 of 2020, If you need any advice, or want to purchase your own equipment please contact us.