Cisco Systems, a frontrunner in routing and other network technologies, recently set its sights on a big move: to invest about one billion US dollars over a two-year period for a cloud computing network with a global reach.
The anticipated result of this move is to link hundreds of cloud service providers and data centers worldwide. To implement it, Cisco will use a network called Intercloud. The roles of Intercloud are sixfold: Role One. Implement the envisioned link in cooperation with 30 partners. Names included in the lineup of partners are: Equinix Inc., Deutsche Telekom, and BT Group. Role Two. Help business organizations process/manage data output from billions of devices and apps around the world. In turn, businesses perform two primary roles: (1) bridge the gap between public and private cloud computing, and (2) share cloud infrastructure akin to roaming agreements among mobile telecoms. Role Three. Pave the way for companies to route their data traffic through particular data centers/clouds of their own preference. Immediate benefit of this role: companies with international operations can deal with other countries’ regulations requiring them to use local data centers as repositories of data collected from the host countries’ respective citizens. Role Four. Offer a hybrid cloud bundle that will enable customers to use private clouds to tap into Intercloud’s network. Role Five. With the help of partner BT Group, connect private and public clouds together into Intercloud using Cisco technology. Through BT Group’s efforts, their own customers can have a secure way of moving their data loads between various clouds and BT data centers. Role Six. Through direct participation of Equinix, open protected access paths to cloud networks for customers of Equinix data centers. How does Key4ce fit in this big development? There are two ways. First, Key4ce can take more aggressive steps into building private, public, or hybrid clouds for customers and recommending the use of Cisco technologies that are likely to be deployed in the Intercloud network. Second, help Key4ce customers tap into the the Cisco Intercloud through the latter’s certified partners. We can find more details on this on
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