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Product & Development

New website & new projects in 2016


It has been a while since my last update

Key4ce hasn’t been sitting still in all those months, we are working hard on releasing several new projects and some major version releases for existing projects.

  • New key4ce.com website in March
  • Key4ce osTicket Brige Major version release in March
  • Key4ce osTicket Brige paid version release in March
  • First SolidCP Release (Follow up of Websitepanel) in April

and more to come…

Key4ce Website

In my spare time i have worked for quite a while on the followup of Key4ce.com

It is finally (nearly) finished and should be released at the end of this week.

The site has some big visual improvements, and should be more user friendly.

In addition we have placed a new Privacy policy and Terms of Service agreements.

The billing site will be moved from: https://key4ce.com/billing to: https://my.key4ce.com

Key4ce osTicket Brige

Key4ce osTicket Bridge will have a new (free) major version release which will include the following:

  • Canned responses
  • Internal notes
  • PHP 7 Capable
  • minor bug fixes

The release is expected in approxemently 2 weeks (mid- March)

Key4ce osTicket Bridge – Paid version

Key4ce osTicket Bridge will have it’s first paid version release in March.

It will launch with:

  • Knowledge base integration
  • Knowledge base ajax search
  • Able to select departments per wordpress site
  • Administration permission management
  • and more to come…

SolidCP – Multi server control panel

As WebsitePanel has been deliberately killed by its project manager we, and another few Dutch companies have decided to continue with a 100% opensource fork.

The initial release will have:

  • New (modern) responsive theme.
  • SolidCP (working) Installer with update capabilities.
  • install & upgrade documentation.

Next release (scheduled in end April:

  • Skype for Business support
  • Exchange 2016 support
  • Automatic update support
  • and more…

It will be well worth the wait, where we are confident that all the issues with WebsitePanel will be resolved. This includes STABLE tested releases, a proper development progress (Alpha, Beta, Stable) and regular stable releases to go with it.

This panel will stay 100% opensource and free!

We have been known to develop our own kind of firewall and anti-spam utilities over the years. This time, however, we are taking the big step to release our very first distribution OS to the public. We call it VirtualPF.

VirtualPF is 100% opensource and 100% intended for virtualization platforms, thus eliminating the need to squander an entire server on a firewall. All you need to do is create a VM where you turn VirtualPF on. The key to the build of this software is 100% cluster functionality.

Because we always work with larger environments, we ourselves require clustering and HA firewalls. For this reason we worked and re-coded CARP to function 100% on all virtualization platforms.

We used HTML5 in creating the responsive design of the Firewall GUI. However, in the first Beta the GUI only goes down to tablet size and without the benefit of scroll bars.

The stable release planned in about one month will have a full featured Responsive design, and multi-language support: Chinese, Dutch, German and possibly Spanish!

We hope everyone enjoys this “new type of firewall”.