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Graphic: Representation of Intercloud network

Image Source: www.tomshw.it

Cisco Systems, a frontrunner in routing and other network technologies, recently set its sights on a big move: to invest about one billion US dollars over a two-year period for a cloud computing network with a global reach.

The anticipated result of this move is to link hundreds of cloud service providers and data centers worldwide. To implement it, Cisco will use a network called Intercloud.

The roles of Intercloud are sixfold:

Role One. Implement the envisioned link in cooperation with 30 partners. Names included in the lineup of partners are: Equinix Inc., Deutsche Telekom, and BT Group.

Role Two. Help business organizations process/manage data output from billions of devices and apps around the world. In turn, businesses perform two primary roles: (1) bridge the gap between public and private cloud computing, and (2) share cloud infrastructure akin to roaming agreements among mobile telecoms.

Role Three. Pave the way for companies to route their data traffic through particular data centers/clouds of their own preference. Immediate benefit of this role: companies with international operations can deal with other countries’ regulations requiring them to use local data centers as repositories of data collected from the host countries’ respective citizens.

Role Four. Offer a hybrid cloud bundle that will enable customers to use private clouds to tap into Intercloud’s network.

Role Five. With the help of partner BT Group, connect private and public clouds together into Intercloud using Cisco technology. Through BT Group’s efforts, their own customers can have a secure way of moving their data loads between various clouds and BT data centers.

Role Six. Through direct participation of Equinix, open protected access paths to cloud networks for customers of Equinix data centers.

How does Key4ce fit in this big development? There are two ways. First, Key4ce can take more aggressive steps into building private, public, or hybrid clouds for customers and recommending the use of Cisco technologies that are likely to be deployed in the Intercloud network. Second, help Key4ce customers tap into the the Cisco Intercloud through the latter’s certified partners.

We can find more details on this on www.reuters.com.

This happened a couple of years ago just after I received a laptop as birthday gift. The laptop was preloaded with a Windows 7 installer that only needed to be configured in order to be ready for use.Before this time, I was a Windows XP user and I had an SP2 running in a tower-cased machine. I already knew about Windows 7 from the Internet and was only waiting for the opportunity to buy a copy of it.

Now, Windows 7 came as a gift!

I didn’t waste time configuring Windows 7 on my new toy. An hour or so later, my spanking new Windows 7 in my shiny brand new laptop was up and running.

Knowing that my version of Win7 was only “Home Premium”, I wondered how far I could go with MMS (Microsoft Management Console) and with snap-in’s. I decided to experiment. This was when my misadventure began.

MMC did come up as I expected, and I found a few snap-in’s listed — Computer Management, Local Users and Groups, Device Manager, etc. I added Computer Management into MMS because I was quite familiar with that. I also added a snap-in that I haven’t ever configured before: IP Security Policy Management. Why this? Well, simply out of curiosity and not really knowing how my experimentation with it would turn out.

I ran the snap-in, and the dialog window popped up. “IP Security Wizard,” it announced. Wizard, like Gandalf? Never mind. I read on: “This wizard helps you create an IP Security policy. Blah, blah, blah.”

The wizard asked for policy name and description which I could just make up. Piece of cake — next screen please.

The next screen described a default response rule, whatever that meant. I found a checkbox labeled “Activate the default response rule (earlier versions Windows only)”. I didn’t touch anything just to be safe but instead moved on to the next window.

Surprise! The next window said “You have successfully completed specifying the properties for your new IP Security policy. To edit your IP Security policy now, select the Edit properties check box, and then click Finish.” The checkbox was already checked (heheh), and below it was the message “To close this wizard, click Finish.” What else could I do but click the “Finish” button? If that was all, there was no challenge to it, I thought (erroneously, I must add).

A new window came up with two tabs: “Rules” and “General”. I read the Rules tab first. The security rules were presented in four columns:

Column 1: IP Filter List. Should I check the “” checkbox or not?

Column 2: Filter Action – Value: “Default response (earlier versions of Windows only)”. Stay with default to be safe, I told myself.

Column 3: Authentication Methods – Value: “Kerberos”. K…what?? Is this an English word?

Column 4 – Tunnel Endpoint – Value: “”. What tunnel? What endpoint?

Column 5 – Connection Type – Value: “All”. At this point I was sweating even if the room wasn’t hot.

Despite the nervousness that was intensifying, I still had enough guts to click the next tab: General. The new window showed another set of data fields.

Name – No problem. This was the policy name I entered earlier. Description – Same. Check for policy changes every: – Default value: “180 minute(s)”. What would happen if I changed it to every 1 minute? Or every 360 minutes? Perform key exchange using additional settings – “Settings…” button. I clicked the button blindly, and a new window titled “Key Exchange Settings” opened.

There was a checkbox for “Master key perfect forward secrecy (PFS)“; an input box for “Authenticate and generate a new key after every: 480 (default) minutes”; another input box for “Authenticate and generate a new key after every: zero (default) session(s); a “Methods…” button for “Protect identities with IKE security methods“. And finally two more buttons at the bottom: the all too familiar “OK” and “Cancel.”

I clicked “Cancel” with a big sigh. This security thing wasn’t for hobbyists and pseudo adventurers like me.

Fast forward to today…

The “misadventure” I just described refers to only a very tiny part of one security item, IP Security. And that’s only for a Windows laptop. How much more for a server? How many security policies are there to set up, and set up correctly?

Word of wisdom: Avoid a risky misadventure when you can contact a professional, especially one from Key4ce.

Hello! I’m Oliver Nuñez, freelance writer.

When I opened my Gmail last August 6, I was surprised to find a message from Marco Tiggelaar, CEO of Key4ce. Marco explained that he found my profile on oDesk (a freelance market site) and asked me to see the new key4ce.com website which was practically bare at that time. “Now my aim is to get all the pages filled up and looking good, and I was hoping that you could help us achieve that goal,” he added.

So I browsed the key4ce.com pages and saw for myself that there was indeed a need to add pages and pages of content. Seeing a fresh opportunity to help develop a new site, I decided to accept Marco’s invitation to join the team as a content writer without hesitation.

Naturally, he asked some questions in the beginning. “Are you familiar with WordPress BeTheme?” “Do you know how to use Revolution Slider?” I had to reassure him that I know how to use WordPress very well, both as a blogging and web development tool; that I can install and configure WordPress themes and plugins; that I was not familiar with Revolution Slider but I know that principles of using a slider are the same as those in video editing.

After the conversation with Marco, I gave myself a crash course on BeTheme and Revolution Slider using tutorial videos published on YouTube as well as documentation found on the BeTheme website. A few hours (ok, a bit many hours) later, I felt ready to use BeTheme and Rev slider.

To get started in writing, I knew I had to read every material I could find in the sparse site in order to understand what Key4ce is about. I also needed to ask Marco some questions for the same reason. Luckily for me, Marco graciously answered my questions. Now, one month later, I have much better knowledge about the business of Key4ce than when I started.

As long as I remain a member of the Key4ce team, I make it my personal mission to use all my knowledge, experience, and skills to help develop this website the way Marco envisioned it. The “new website in the making” that Marco talked about in his earlier post is happening. I agree with him that there’s a long way to go — but we have started to sail, haven’t we?

This voyage is exciting!

A new website together with a new future for Key4ce.

We have changed a lot in the past few years and continue to change. Unfortunately we were still running on a old Joomla 1.5 Site that dated back to 2006. After that site got attacked about 4 weeks back we decided to just shut it down and Design a new site live.

The new design is optimized for all devices including mobile and tablets. Times have changed a lot, and we figured it is time to change our company site with it. Our new site now supports all devices from a small mobile phone to a large TV screen it all fits and aligns nicely to your screen size. This way you can always visit our site no matter where you are even from your mobile when nothing else works.

We hope to make our site as simple and pretty as possible for every device you can imagine for now and the future.

More features yet to come!

Our site is long from done but the ideas of what kind of features it will hold is already planned and for the most part developed. We started off with a Blog (where this is the first post in) to keep everyone posted about what we have been up to. This way we increase communication and people are finally up to date about our latest developments.

Additional features to come:

  • Testimonials
  • Key4ce Team page
  • Server status page
  • Specialization in <software> pages
  • Manual and Knowledgebase
  • Online ordering system
  • Support ticketing system
  • Live Chat system

There is still a lot left to do. Do you want to help?

As you can see there’s still plenty left to do on our site. It is still pretty much empty and requires a lot more content Unfortunately Key4ce only has Technical staff and no good text writers. Hereby we would like to invite everyone with good ideas to send them to us.

If you’re talented, do not hesitate to send in your ideas, our company as well as many of our customers can always use great web text writers. If we like to use your idea/concept we will pay you for the work (and content) on top of a nice link and logo to your website