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Contributing to Key4ce Site Development

Hello! I’m Oliver Nuñez, freelance writer.

When I opened my Gmail last August 6, I was surprised to find a message from Marco Tiggelaar, CEO of Key4ce. Marco explained that he found my profile on oDesk (a freelance market site) and asked me to see the new key4ce.com website which was practically bare at that time. “Now my aim is to get all the pages filled up and looking good, and I was hoping that you could help us achieve that goal,” he added.

So I browsed the key4ce.com pages and saw for myself that there was indeed a need to add pages and pages of content. Seeing a fresh opportunity to help develop a new site, I decided to accept Marco’s invitation to join the team as a content writer without hesitation.

Naturally, he asked some questions in the beginning. “Are you familiar with WordPress BeTheme?” “Do you know how to use Revolution Slider?” I had to reassure him that I know how to use WordPress very well, both as a blogging and web development tool; that I can install and configure WordPress themes and plugins; that I was not familiar with Revolution Slider but I know that principles of using a slider are the same as those in video editing.

After the conversation with Marco, I gave myself a crash course on BeTheme and Revolution Slider using tutorial videos published on YouTube as well as documentation found on the BeTheme website. A few hours (ok, a bit many hours) later, I felt ready to use BeTheme and Rev slider.

To get started in writing, I knew I had to read every material I could find in the sparse site in order to understand what Key4ce is about. I also needed to ask Marco some questions for the same reason. Luckily for me, Marco graciously answered my questions. Now, one month later, I have much better knowledge about the business of Key4ce than when I started.

As long as I remain a member of the Key4ce team, I make it my personal mission to use all my knowledge, experience, and skills to help develop this website the way Marco envisioned it. The “new website in the making” that Marco talked about in his earlier post is happening. I agree with him that there’s a long way to go — but we have started to sail, haven’t we?

This voyage is exciting!

- Founder of Key4ce.
- More then 10 years of experience with Windows high availability and Microsoft Exchange.
- More then 10 years of experience with Linux and Unix.
- Open source enthusiast and a large contributor for multiple large Open Source projects.

My current main focus of attention is Geo-Clustering.

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