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Author Archives: m.tiggelaar


- Founder of Key4ce.
- More then 10 years of experience with Windows high availability and Microsoft Exchange.
- More then 10 years of experience with Linux and Unix.
- Open source enthusiast and a large contributor for multiple large Open Source projects.

My current main focus of attention is Geo-Clustering.

Business Insights

DDoS Attacks Hurt the Pocket

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) is a type security threat wherein one individual or group — the attacker — intentionally and maliciously lets loose extremely high volumes of Internet traffic...

October 11, 2014
Business Insights

Big Cloud Move by Cisco Systems

Cisco Systems, a frontrunner in routing and other network technologies, recently set its sights on a big move: to invest about one billion US dollars over a two-year period for...

October 03, 2014
Business Insights

Security Misadventure

This happened a couple of years ago just after I received a laptop as birthday gift. The laptop was preloaded with a Windows 7 installer that only needed to be...

September 19, 2014
Business Insights

A new website in the making

A new website together with a new future for Key4ce. We have changed a lot in the past few years and continue to change. Unfortunately we were still running on...

October 10, 2013