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Server Migration

Let us Migrate your servers

We are specialized in migrating servers with as little to no downtime.

Planning Migration

Planning the migration carefully saves a lot of hassle. We can plan and advise on how to migrate and where to migrate to.

Continued Operations

We migrate with little to no downtime at all, and make the switch at the best and lowest traffic time for you and your customers.

Quality Guaranteed

We always stand by what we deliver. If there's any issue with the migration we will address it free of charge.

How we migrate your environment

Four quick steps for a pain free migration

Plan the Migration

Any good migration starts with a good plan inspecting old servers and services is key.

Deploy the Servers

Setup and deploy the new servers and services compatible with the old services

Migrate & Test

We migrate the data and verify the new servers work 100% with the old data.

Move & Re-Sync

Once the new servers are live it's time for a final sync to avoid any data loss.

Accurate Plan

We establish an accurate migration plan with a deadline schedule we stick to.

Little/ No Downtime

We can migrate most services without any downtime, some services require minimal downtime.

Server Security

On all the new servers we guarantee a best practise security setup to avoid any issues in the future.

Schedule to suit you

We can schedule your new server switch at any day, at any time that is best for you.

No Data loss

We make sure there is no data loss during the migration and re-sync before/after server switch.

Data Protected

Any data provided stays within Key4ce, we do not have 3rd party staff, storage or other hosted systems.

Delivered on time

Due to our experience we can deliver the migration on time and on schedule.

Fully tested

Before we approve a server to go live we will fully test all functionality one more time.

Quality Guaranteed

We guarantee quality with all our services, up on any issue regarding migration we will solve it for free.

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